Video Strategy
Request your free video strategy. SmartEye Productions will lay out the 10 key areas video content can boost your marketing efforts.
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Within your strategy, we’ll lay out the 10 key areas any business can boost its marketing efforts with video content, and provide you with ideas for each of them.

We’ll also rate each video type on the following factors…


This score defines how good the videos can make you look against your opposition.


This score defines how effective these videos are at achieving results.


This score defines how typically shareable these videos are.


This score defines how costly these videos can be to produce.

All we need to get going on your strategy is your company name, website and social handles.


We will look over your online content, create a video strategy that works for your business, and send it straight to your inbox.

With your free video strategy, you’ll have everything you need to start planning video content for your business