TV Commercials
We are SmartEye Productions. A London based video marketing agency.
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Put your business in everyone’s living room!

At SmartEye productions, we have experience in dealing with the whole TV Commercial process.

We ourselves do not book you TV time, but can help you liaise with companies that do so that you can work out the best campaign for your budget.

From there, we can take over. Scripting, storyboarding, producing and delivering your TV commercial to all stations it will air on.

TV Commercial examples

TV commercial production starts from £3,000
(Please note: booking air time and delivering copy to TV stations incurs additional cost)

  • Book Airtime

    Airtime costs depend on the time of year, the time of day and the stations you air your commercial on. Naturally, ‘Dave’ at 2am on a Tuesday is much cheaper than ‘ITV primetime’. To book airtime you need to contact an advertising agency. We can put you in touch with those we use and trust.

  • Produce Copy

    We will produce the video to meet with TV guidelines. Part of this process involves signing off your script with ClearCast (the governing body for TV advertising). They ensure that you aren’t making any slanderous claims or offending anyone.

  • Deliver to TV stations

    We deliver to the TV stations sending either SD or HD versions depending on the channels output.