Filmed Videos
Need a camera crew to capture your story? We have traveled all over the world to shoot content for our clients.
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Bring your brand to life with filmed promotional videos!

At SmartEye productions, we have years of experience producing effective promo videos, both for online audiences and television. We are full of ideas and love working to a brief to come up with the best pitch. Our record when pitching alongside other businesses is very impressive and we simply put that down to our years of experience in understanding how to translate key messages into entertaining viewing.

A collection of filmed video examples

The following price breakdowns give you an idea of the ballpark figure a single promotional video would cost.

Often we can maximise our time with you and produce several videos at once. To get a clearer price to match your specific brief please drop us a line…

For a precise quote, please don’t hesitate to send us your project brief…

  • Basic

  • £1000+
    • Half-day filming
    • One Camera
    • One location (provided by client)
    • Music
    • Logo Intro/outro

  • Intermediate

  • £2000+
    • Full day filming
    • Two cameras
    • Up to 3 locations
    • Logo intro/outro
    • Music
    • Voiceover

  • Advanced

  • £3000+
    • Two days filming
    • Two cameras
    • Multiple locations
    • Music
    • Logo Intro/Outro
    • Motion Graphics
    • Hired Actors
    • Voiceover

  • All Out

  • £4000+
    • Multi-days shoot
    • Multiple cameras
    • Multiple locations
    • Logo intro/outro
    • Motion graphics
    • Hired actors
    • Music
    • Voiceover
    • Studio hire