Working with Stock Video
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Working with Stock Video

There are a lot of cameras in the world! And a lot of people using them.

Sometimes you don’t need to go out and shoot the content needed for the video you’re hoping to make.

Sometimes, somebody already has. By combining a bunch of different stock clips together, you can create a polished, professional video without ever having shot a thing.

In order to pull together these clips in a way that works for your business, two things are often required.

The first, a good old voiceover.

By writing and recording a great voiceover script we can make stock footage work for your business’ message.

The second, motion graphics.

By creating animated segments throughout, overlaying and intersecting with stock footage, we can seamlessly blend your brand with the footage.

The result?

A top quality video that looks like you’ve spent significantly more than you have!

A typical high end stock footage clip will cost around £40. The cost of taking a crew to said location to capture the same thing could cost thousands!

Meaning much more variety in your content for much less money.

The video on this page uses stock clips. If we were to have shot these it could have cost the client more than £10,000!

So next time you think about creating a video, check out some of stock video websites and see what you can pull together.

And of course, if what you need isn’t there, we can always shoot it ourselves 😉


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