When to use filmed content over animation
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When to use filmed content over animation

There are two key sides to most video content. On the one hand we have filmed content. Cameras capturing real-world visuals. On the other, we have animation. Essentially, anything created by a computer. Obviously, a mix of the two is always possible. Using intros, logo animations, overlays and on screen text to support your filmed visuals. But when is it right to film your content rather than animate it?[/vc_column_text]

Film when you have a real-world visual to show or a human story to tell.

The key element here is ‘real-world visuals’. You need to make sure that you actually have something worthy of pointing a camera at. If you run a cloud-based mobile app then this may prove difficult. If you run a restaurant then of course this is very easy.

When choosing to point a camera at an individual and asking them to speak, try to make sure that they have something worth saying. A human story that we would be interested in hearing. Something that gives the company personality. The more relatable the content, the more likely we are to buy into your brand.


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