What does your company sound like?
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What does your company sound like?

The question we all need to ask.

It’s an odd question. One that most of our clients over the years have struggled to answer. What does your company sound like? We all know what it looks like. We create logos, pick fonts and colours, we use photos and illustrations, but what about when it comes to audio?

So why not try the following:

Ok…You’re watching ITV on a Satruday night. X-Factor goes to an ad break and your business has miraculously taken the whole 3 minute slot. But I’ve gone to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I can hear the TV but I can’t see it. How will I get a strong sense of your brand?

Firstly, we need a music track. Almost all of the work we do is accompanied by music. But how do you determine what is right?

Here is our music genre guide:


Look at the guide to see which genre you might resemble the closest and then go hunting for a track within that genre that fits your style.

Once we have that, we need a voice!

The right voice-over artist is key to any brand. Here is our little guide to choosing the right voice:


Once you have both of those we should be well on our way to finding your company’s sound.


Find the right track, find the right voice and while I’m making my tea in that ad break I’ll be sure to have a strong understanding of your brand.

I hope this helps 😉


  • Tom Shelvey
    Posted at 15:30h, 06 August Reply

    Very useful! Thanks guys

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